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Make Your Purchase Through a Broker at Summer Home

The easiest way to make a successful purchase is that you will buy from a well established broker who speaks "your language" and who can guide you through each step of the buying process. Before you head out in search of a property in Turkey, we recommend you to plan carefully before. This saves your time and it will help you to avoid several problems.

Buying a property for foreigners in Turkey is a simple process. Reasons to buy can vary, but when the time comes, it is important that you, as a potential buyer of a property in Turkey, understand the procedures and the process that is around.

However, buying a property in a foreign country can be sometimes problematic if it is not done right.
Start by doing research. Many questions arise and many decisions must be taken while buying a property abroad.
Look through our various projects to get an idea of different types of property for sale in Turkey, what the advantages and disadvantages are and compare price differences between the projects. Then it's time that you look over what combination of location, property type and price suits you best.
It is not only important that you choose a reputable and professional real estate, but equally important is for you to look at the construction company.

We, at Summer Home Real Estate, carefully and accurately choose the items that we present and communicate to our customers. Buying a property in Turkey through Summer Home Real Estate will give you many advantages. We will help you to find exactly what you are looking for and you can benefit from our experience and professional services before and also after buying your apartment or house in Turkey.

Financial Plan Before Purchasing a Property in Turkey

If you plan to buy a holiday home while you are in Turkey, we recommend you to check your financial status before your arrival.
Whether you plan to visit Turkey to buy or just research, you must know what your financial situation is.
Payment options for buying a ready home or a home that is under construction stage differ. A general rule is that the terms of payment and the purchase price go hand in hand.

Generally, it is not necessary to have access to large sums of cash. In most cases, it works to make the payment by bank transfer after you have put a cash deposit to secure your purchase. However, if you expect to have access to your purchase amount during your visit, then check with your bank before you travel. Ask your bank how long it takes to release your funds from your account and make a possible transfer to Turkey.
If you would like to make your purchase with a loan, we recommend you to discuss this with your credit issuer and ask for a written confirmation of the amount you can loan and the timeframe within which the amount can be distributed.
It is also possible to take out a loan in a Turkish bank, we work with one of Turkey's leading banks - Deniz Bank.

Buying a Property in Turkey

Foreigners are allowed to buy a property in Turkey with the following points:

• The property must have a title deed (Tapu) which is registered in the title deed office.
• This property must be within an acceptable range.
• The property is not located in military forbidden zones.
• The land may not belong to zones of historical importance, forest zones and primary agricultural lands.

As a foreigner, you have to belong to any of the nationalities that have reciprocal rights to buy.

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