Turkish Citizenship


Turkish CitizenshipEvery year, there are many foreigners that apply for Turkish citizenship. To obtain Turkish nationality, there are several requirements that are needed in order to get Turkish citizenship.

The ways to get and obtain Turkish citizenship

1. Turkish citizenship by birth: one of the parents must have Turkish nationality, the child obtains Turkish citizenship by birth automatically

2. Turkish citizenship after birth by decision of the competent authority:
a) general applications
Applicants for Turkish citizenship shall:
- be in the age of majority and have the capacity to act according to own national law
- be a resident in Turkey for 5 years without interruption – easy way to obtain a residence permit in Turkey is to own a property in Turkey: your visa can be renewed every year if you buy and own a real estate in Turkey. Like this you have an investment and easily can receive a residence permit for you and your family.
- verify the determination to settle down in Turkey
- not have disease constituting obstacle in respect of public health
- be able to speak Turkish in sufficient level
- have an income or job to provide the funds in Turkey
- be of good moral character
- have no actions against national or public security
Chances to obtain Turkish citizenship can be improved if you prove that you can make a valuable contribution to culture and society in Turkey.

b) exceptional application
Applicants might be eligible for citizenship in Turkey by the decision of the Council of Ministers. They must provide that they have no actions constituting an obstacle in respect of national security and public order. Conditions:
- foreigners that have brough an industrial plan to Turkey or special service in economical, technological, scientific, social, artistic, cultural or sporting fields
- foreigners whose naturalization is necessary
- people accepted as immigrants

c) applications for re-acquisition of Turkish citizenship
Those people who have lost their Turkish citizenship can re-apply for it, it is required to have at least 3 years residence in Turkey.

d) applications for Turkish citizenship by marriage
This way is one of the easiest ways how to get Turkish citizenship. After 3 years of marriage with Turkish citizen, the foreigner can apply for citizenship in Turkey with following requirements – married couple must live together, actions can not be against national or public security or any action which is not convenient to family union.

In general applications and applications for Turkish citizenship by marriage, after few steps, The Ministry of Interior makes the final decision.

This text contains a shorter information about the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship.